Wild Bird Peanuts – Whole and Splits

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  • A mix of whole and split peanuts.
  • Split peanuts are even easier for birds to eat.
  • Delicious, nutritious, high energy food for wild birds.
  • Aflatoxin tested – safe for birds to eat.
  • Packaged in Plastic Free Bags.

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Wild bird peanuts are a wild bird staple providing valuable calories to busy birds.

Our whole and split peanuts are a mix of whole peanuts with some splits (halves) which are even easier for little birds to eat and are loved by garden birds.

Delicious, nutritious and naturally  high in oils and fats they provide plenty of energy all year round.

Peanuts are perfect for the winter months and throughout the breeding season.

All of our peanuts are aflatoxin tested – aflatoxins can be extremely harmful to birds we take care to ensure that our peanuts are not only the best quality but completely safe.

Please store in an airtight container and keep in a dry, cool place to protect the peanuts against humidity and damp, which could result in mould forming on the peanuts.

We source these wild bird peanuts from a number of different suppliers to ensure we can deliver great quality and prices. There may some variation in the colour and size of peanuts supplied from time to time.

Please ensure that you feed peanuts from a mesh nut feeder to avoid young birds choking.


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