Wooden Nesting Box – Multi option

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  • Essential wooden nesting box for wild birds.
  • Provide a safe nesting or roosting space.
  • Choose style; converts to open/32mm hole fronted box for different birds species.
  • Easy to hang from wall or tree.
  • Generous roof protects birds’ nest from the elements.


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A versatile, essential wooden nesting box for wild birds. Provide a safe space for your garden birds to nest in the summer and roost away from the bad weather in the winter.

Easily remove the front panel to convert it to a open fronted box, suitable for robins, pied wagtails, spotted flycatcher.  Keep the front panel in to provide a 32mm hole fronted nesting box suitable for tits, nuthatch and tree sparrows.

Wood provides insulation against the cold for roosting in the winter and against the heat of summer for nesting.

Front panel may be removed to easily clean box at the end of each season.

A small gap in the base allows little birds to push out unwanted debris themselves. We advise you clean boxes after the breeding season (October – January). This maintains bird hygiene and ensure the health of next seasons’ broods.

Position in a tree or on a wall, by hanging from a nail using the durable, metal reinforced hole.

Place out of reach of predators and site  above 1.5m. The hole fronted version should have a clear flight path in, the open fronted version should have the entrance hidden in vegetation.

Read our guide on HOW TO CHOOSE A NEST BOX AND WHERE TO PUT IT  and find out which species of birds favour which nesting boxes and where to place them. Enjoy playing a part in helping garden birds breed and thrive.




1 review for Wooden Nesting Box – Multi option

  1. Patricia Hoare

    Well made, looking forward to the birds moving in!

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